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All of our vacbeds and Vacubes come as standard with a breathing hole and tube. The latex used is Radical Rubber 0.4mm

Amazing new combo offer.
A Vacube and Ballhood with a massive saving !


Please note and read below as we need this information from you

For all non head hole vacbed orders we need the following information:
1) A contact phone number for our courier

2) For Penis Hole/Sheath, Pussy hole/Liner we need a measurement from your mouth to your genitals in a straight line NOT following the contours of your body.

Now available in any Radical Rubber standard or translucent colour for the same price as the Autumn promotion ....metallic colours will be extra please email or for a price for the metallic or any other information.

Ultrawide 2 metre (78 inches )vacbed starting from £265 !!! including UK shipping here

Even though we make our vacbeds here in the UK using top quality 0.4 mm sheet latex from radical Rubber we keep our prices low by having low overheads. So you are not sacrificing quality for price. All vacbeds come in discrete packaging



Miss Fetilicious looking amazing in one of our Vacubes and Ballhoods the stunning photo taken by Genz0 his Instagram is
Amazing Vacube and Ballhood combo offer
Mistress Vamp
Little Miss Chaos video on our Videos page
Disposal Unit
Rubbergirl in our Vacbedcube **banned by YouTube**
Rubbergirl forced Vacbed orgasm click on image to watch the video
Rubbergirl vacbed pleasure click on image to watch the video
Vacbed cube video
Flag Video
Black Vacbed